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Concrete sewage manholes are frequently replaced with sewage manholes made of polyester fibreglass reinforced resin, which are applied in all sewage systems.

Advantages of polyester manholes:

   ✔   Lesser manhole weight,
   ✔   Completely waterproof and non-porous,
   ✔   Extreme smoothness of the manhole walls,
   ✔   The ease of pipe connecting and assembly means lesser time of manholes installation,
   ✔   Low maintenance costs,
   ✔   Low transportation costs,
   ✔   Extremely efficient sealing of the manhole pipe,
   ✔   They possess a sufficient deflection and axial hardness, so that certain sliding of the
ground shall not cause damage or breaking,
   ✔   Manhole quality ensured for all kinds of application.

Manholes are made as standard, tangential, and as defined in the client’s request.

Polyester sewer manholes are a quality, practical, and functional solution for wastewater drainage (whether faeces, industrial or surface wastewater), profitable in the long terms.