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Polyester pontoons are the base for all kinds of pontoon vessels (catamarans and trimaranas), rafts, docs, etc. A characteristic of theirs is an enormous transport capacity and stability. This is why it is of great importance to make the right choice of a pontoon.

Pontoons are made from fibreglass, a material with huge tensile strength and excellent pressure resistance. Such technical solution is applied that even with a momentary mechanical damage they shall not change their primary function of navigabiity, and this is due to the navigating chambers being trapped, and the repair of potential mechanical damage can be done on site. During their exploitation, which is highly long-term – even 50 years and over, these pontoons do not demand a special surface maintenance, i.e. no surface protection is needed and they are also UV resistant.

Depending on their purpose and buyers’ request, pontoons or pontoon elements can be delivered.