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Smooth inner and outer surfaces are obtained by RTM technology. Using this method, bumpers, footsteps, wheel arches, mud-guards and other products are manufactured.

By hand lay up of polyester (lamination of glass fibres with unsaturated polyester resins in open moulds-tools) vehicle bonnets, car battery cases, cooler masks, bumpers etc. are manufactured.

Pressing prepreg technology (composite mixture of polyester resin and glass fibre) is used for the parts with smooth surface, such as spoilers, seats etc.

Seat parts, headrests, beds, pads etc. are manufactured out of soft polyurethane foam (PUR). Products made out of integral foam do not need additional upholstering because of their hard surface crust, and they are very applicable in automotive industry for handles, air nozzles holders, profiles and other parts.

ABS foils 0,8 to 1,2 m thick combined with polyurethane foam are used to manufacture dashboards, door panels, spoilers and similar parts.

Semi-heavy and heavy foams, because of their excellent mechanical and thermal properties, are applied in automotive and construction machines industry. Engine insulations, floors, driver cabs etc are manufactured with these materials.

Glove compartments, wheel coverings, headlight frames, protectors and many other smaller parts are manufactured by pressing and injecting thermoplastics in closed tools.