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This factory produces interior and exterior parts for passenger vehicles, buses, lorries, tractors, agricultural and construction machinery, installed in vehicles: Zastava, Ikarbus, FAP, IMT, Casalini, Breda and VDL buses.

Dozens of different products are manufactured for automotive industry, such as: dashboards, bumpers, masks, spoilers, wheel arches, footsteps, tractor hoods, wheel arches, car battery cases, interior covering, thermal and sound insulation, arm holders, glove compartments, handles, seat fillings etc.
The factory produces plastic dishes (bowls, cups, glasses, plates, trays, etc.), plastic packing material (crates for raspberries and blackberries, crates for mushrooms, crates for beverages and beer), plastic targets and other plastic products for dedicated - military industry.
Quality of these products is guarantied by extended experience and cooperation with all domestic, and several international manufacturers. The factory has introduced quality assurance system according to ISO 9001:2001 and introduction of automotive Industry Standard TS 16949 is pending.

Several production methods are used:

Autooprema Factory can also manufacture wood or epoxy resin models in its workshop, as well as tools for vacuuming and for production of PUR foam and GFK parts.