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Mission – why do we exist?

The mission of the company Poliester Cevi d.o.o. Priboj is to be a successful and stable production company, whose long-term knowledge and experience as well as the competent staff offer a rich assortment of products and services, quality without compromise with a wide range of application, with a focus on the global market, and all that with the objective of the complete satisfying of the demands and expectations from our buyers.

Vision – what do we want?

Our vision is a constant setting up of higher standards, development and winning of new products, new technology and market, and not only introducing the new achievements and trends, but creating them and predicting as well. We want to be a company which makes business in the spirit of the time to come.


Goals are what moves us, and they are at the same time the means of work efficiency. Our goal is to satisfy the needs and expectations of all of our subjects: buyers, employees, business partners, owners, and the company in whole.